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Welcome to the online Gallery where you can have a browse. I mainly get asked for commissions of Children & Pets, if you have a particular commission in mind then please get in touch.. I once had a fisherman ask me to paint a life size image of him proudly holding a huge catfish.  


This little boy "David" was a commission for a client's sister of her first child. Children are great fun to draw because they are still very connected to source energy and this light really shines through their eyes. I was told that his parents went through quite a lot  before he appeared in their life. Understanding this really inspired me to do my best to really bring out to his spirit.


I looked after this gorgeous little labradoodle on a regular basis for over four years. I got to know her personality and character so well. She was very intelligent, incredibly kind and affectionate and could pretty much twist anyone around her little paw. She slept in my bed (as it was more comfortable than hers) we would  get up early and go for a long walk. Then after breakfast, I would go into the Studio to work and she would go back to bed. This particular portrait was a birthday gift for her owner.

Figure  Life Size 

This life size pastel portrait of Brigitte Bardot was a commision for 

 "Le Pot Lyo​nnaise" a French restaurant in South West London. I decided to read about Brigitte Bardot's life before painting the image which helped me to capture her personality and compassionate spirit. In her words:

"It was only when I began to devote myself to animals that I blossomed has given my life true meaning"


 Abstract Art & Feng Shui

 200cm X 100Cm.

 Oil on Wood.

My client had just moved into a new house, it was very "white and modern" she wanted something large and colourful to enliven a very bright entrance hall. 

I have studied basic Feng-Shui and know that the front door of a building is the main way it absorbs Universal Energy nourishment or Chi. As the door was facing East my palate would need to include Greens and Browns & Earth tones. I used different self-made palate knives to create squares and rectangles.

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