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Animals & Children

LUCY (Labradoodle)

I looked after Lucy from time to time over a period of four years ....this was a birthday gift for her owner.


A pastel commission from a proud Auntie for her sister.

MILLY (Maine coon)

Millie Maine Coon sister of Joey, and cat siblings are as equally different to human sibling.....scroll down to meet her brother....


A day at the beach...



Elliot is my neighbour's grandson and this is what she said about the portrait commission...

"Dear Jules, 

I hung the portrait of Elliot in my hall and when it came time to give it to my daughter, I couldn't part with it, so I've kept it!

Thank you!

Stephanie xx


Grommit was a rescue cat, kind and affectionate, a present for her owner.


My friend Sandi's grand daughter....displayed in their living room.

HONEY (Saluki-Lurcher)

Honey was one of two Saluki-Lurchers I took care of. She was rescued by a couple in South West London, where took care of her.....She is very beautiful but was very agressive with other dogs (though never with the same breed)....this is my first sketch of her... .

JOEY (Maine Coon)

Joey, like a little lion, belonging to my sister, affectionate, inquisitive and teaches his humans on a daily basis the importance of being lazy....

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